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Making Your HR Wishes Come True

Welcome to my website! Human Resources is a vital role in all thriving businesses. In fact, a great HR manager can assist you in leading your company to the next level as well as help you create an amazing culture in your company. There are many facets of HR.

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What can HR do for you?

In the beginning, a young company may not be necessarily ready for a full time HR manager. But as a growing business owner, it is vital that you are aware of the legal and ethical obligations and regulations you are under. It is also key that you have someone on your side that can assist you with any questions that can arise.

HR can also assist you in a variety of other ways. Such as creating policies and procedures for your business, creating forms, tracking spreadsheets, and employee handbooks. Setting up employee personnel files, recruiting, interviewing, on boarding of new employees, assisting employees when they are hurt on the job, or when they need to take a leave of absence.


These are things that take a lot of time away from a busy business owner who has many other responsibilities to attend to during the day. But are all very important matters.


Below are the types of services I provide, the pricing is individualized based on your current project, length of time to complete the project, and it's complexity.

Please contact me if interested in more information.

HR Consulting

Full time or part time HR consulting for your small business needs. I can help you with running employment ads, interviewing, on boarding, personnel file set up, payroll, creating or revising employee handbooks, disciplinary advice, terms,  and much more.

Virtual Assistant Services

This is a service offered to assist new business owners on the simple day to day tasks so they can focus on more of the bigger item issues they are facing. Task like responding to emails, setting up meetings, arranging travel and hotel accommodations, and more.

One Time Project Services

One time projects are creating/revising/updating a resume, creating a form or spreadsheet unique to your business, creating powerpoints, or newsletters. Prices vary depending on the project.

Cup of Coffee

"I am starting my business and I don't have a lot of experience with making different forms, so Ms. Angelique worked with me to understand what I'm needing and pretty quickly was able to turn my idea into an actual form that will help me and my other employees. I am looking forward to having her help me with my next project."

Sarah, Business Owner


"Angelique created a resume for me, and all I can say is WOW! I love the style, the colors and the way she divided the sections up and made it look so easy to read. Definitely better than any resume I have seen."

— Jonathan, LVN

Orange Blossom
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